Are your tubes eco-friendly?

All of our ready-made tubes are designed to be reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They are made out of 100% paper and contain no plastic whatsoever. We use virgin paper pulp and water-based glue.

For custom-made tubes, we try to be as eco-conscious as possible, while keeping functionality in mind. If you're using tubes as secondary packaging and want to reduce your environmental impact, we suggest uncoated kraft or white paper with printing and varnish. If you have a food or cosmetics based product, or something that requires direct contact with our tubes, it's almost impossible to completely eliminate plastic from the inner liner that ensures shelf life and oil-resistance. With that said, we are always exploring different natural materials, like vegetable inks, PLA lamination, and wax paper inner lining for solid cosmetics products. We always strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and will work with you to ensure your tube packaging has the smallest ecological footprint.

What size tubes do you sell?

We can custom-make any tube dimensions, depending on the quantity you need.

You can also order the blank at 500pcs minimum order quantity.

Are your tubes food grade/food safe?

Our blank tubes are safe for dry goods. Many of our customers use them for tea, coffee, powder and other dry food products. We can produce completely custom tubes with aluminum foil and PE lining which create a food-safe inner barrier.

It’s always best to package your products in a sealed poly bag before putting them into the tubes for additional food-safety and to retain longer shelf life.

Do you make push-up tubes for cosmetics/lip balm/deodorant/etc.?

Yes, we do, many of our customers use them for cosmetic and skincare products. Additionally, we can create custom push-up tubes built to your specifications.

We recommend you test your product with a few samples before committing to a larger quantity. Push-up tubes may not work with all products.

Are there different tube styles you can creat?

1-piece tubes with metal or plastic closures.

2-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits on top of the base when the tube is closed. We can do straight or rolled edges on the top and bottom

3-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits on top of the “lip” for a flush-fit look. These tubes can also have a rolled or straight top and bottom edge. or, read details

What size tubes do you sell?

We can produce tubes in any size with minimum order quantity just 500pcs.

Are there size constraints for custom tubes?

We get all kinds of requests, so the answer is YES most of the time.

Let us know what you need and we shall assist.

Can I get tubes made with material other than paper ?

Yes. We have a wide variety of materials besides coated and uncoated papers. We can make custom tubes like specialty papers and laminates.

Can you make airtight tubes?

We can produce airtight composite paper cans with peelable membrane closures and inner foil lining. Your packaging and fulfillment partner would need to have proper equipment to seal the tubes after filling them with your product.

Can you make Child-resistant tube packaging?

Yes. We have just made the child-resistant paper tube packaging solution for our CBD customers.

Where are the tubes made?

Our dedicated manufacturing facilities, with skilled and highly-trained employees on the ground, are located in China to keep your prices low.

What is your turnaround time?

The blank tubes ship out in 5-8 business days. For custom orders,once sample approved, mass production lead time is approximately 2-3weeks, depending on quantity, customization, and order complexity. Shipping times depend on location and shipping method chosen.

What are your minimum order quantities?

500pcs only

What is the process to order custom tubes?

1.Send us the lay out of your design, and tube dimensions(height+diameter), quantity, and the type of customization you need(material, printing handling);

2.We will send you a price quote.

3. After the order is placed, we will first make pre-production prototypes for your approval. This process takes about one week. Once approved, mass production lead time is approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on quantity, customization, and order complexity. Shipping times depend on location and shipping method chosen.

Can I get a sample?

Yes. When we’re making custom tubes, we will make the prototypes as required after the orders has been placed and artwork has been submitted. These prototypes are used for proofing before we proceed with mass production.

Do you offer product insertion and storage/fulfillment services?

We handle engineering through manufacturing and shipping.

We will make your tube according to the artwork provided, unfortunately we don't offer production insertion. That's on you or your product suppliers.

Can I split my order into multiple SKUs or artwork variations?

Yes, you can.

With minimum order quantity 500pcs per artworks only.

What color tubes do you offer?

We can make any color you need. Pantone colors or CMYK colors.

Are there customization options beyond printing?

Definitely! For custom-made paper tubes, we can do foil stamping, spot UV, embossing and debossing,matt lamination, gold or silver stamping, graining, gloss lamination etc.

Do you do digital or offeset printing?

For custom orders, the initial pre-production prototypes are digitally printed in CMYK. Mass production is done using offset equipment. This gives our customers print results that are very high quality and allows us to print on a variety of materials using process and spot colors.

What are the payment terms?

Custom-made paper tubes require 50% deposit with balance paid before shipping.

Available payment terms : bank transfer, paypal, western union.

If I order a second run or additional productions, can I get a discount on my subsequent orders?

We are very proud of our work and of our relationships with our customers. Pricing is based on tube size, order quantity, and the type of customization. With that said, we work with all reasonable budgets and offer discounts on a case-by-case basis for repeat volume purchases.