Our Story

Started the paper tube industry since 2013, so far, we've helped morethan 800 companies for better innovation and competition in this crowded marketplace through sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

Running above 10 production lines in 1000 square meters workshop, we have technical staff more than 80 people, total staff more than 100 people. Introduction of the world's advanced new German Heidlberg four-color printing machine and the import of thermal CTP plate-making equipment, as well as advanced program-controlled paper cutting machine, embossing machine, lamination machine, die-cutting maching, stamping maching and other printing equipment.

Today, we offer both custom-made paper tubes and blank paper tubes to meet global consumer brands. Helping our customers to make their own unique tubes, promote their brand, creat more sales.

Trusted by Global Brands & Local Artisans


Have you suffered from a lousy service?
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With us, no more suffers.

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